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About BurkinAction

BurkinAction grew out of an idea to create a genuine business community, and currently offers to young Burkinabe professionals a means to meet each other and stay connected.

We are aware of the tremendous potential our people have to offer, and the flourishing opportunities in Burkina Faso; we nonetheless strongly believe that the development of our country will only be achieved through common effort. Thus, it is now high time to provide context-specific and innovative solutions to the problems we are facing. So let’s work together/join our forces to transform our vision into reality!

According to us, the strengthening of human cohesion is one of the key levers to contribute to the economic and social growth of Burkina Faso: this will enable everyone to channel and capitalize on each person’s skills and experiences.

In light of this we created BurkinAction as:
1. A practical solution aiming to create synergies at different levels for Burkinabè people as well as anyone with an interest in Burkina Faso,
2. A digital platform enabling to keep our members active, dynamic and productive by connecting them and inviting them to share their knowledge.

Our organization is a non-profit, secular, non-political and inclusive one.

Whether you are a student, an employee, an entrepreneur, looking for professional opportunities in Burkina Faso as well as abroad, seeking partnerships, funding, tailored guidance, or simply keen on meeting people with similar interests, BurkinAction is for you.

Remember the strength of a network lies in its members! So what are you waiting for ?


A warm welcome and an immediate connection with the members of the network regardless of the location.


An active, professional and international network meeting at events in the service of the burkinabè and Burkina.


Recent, diverse and international offers from our members for our members with a direct link to the employer.